Turner Society News

The Turner Society’s magazine, Turner Society News, is sent to all members twice a year. Edited by art historian Cecilia Powell, it carries illustrated features, articles, exhibition and book reviews and news items about the artist, his times and his works.

Back numbers may be obtained (for a contribution) by application to the Editor at The Turner Society, BCM Box Turner, London WC1N 3XX.
Below please find a list of contents since the beginning of 2005. The list will be extended to cover earlier issues in due course.

List of Contents


130 (Autumn 2018)

  • Online Turner Resources (Editorial) 1
  • The Turner Treasury 19 (Ronald Firbank, The Artificial Princess) 2
  • Peter Milton’s Tsunami: Turner, Constable, and Ruskin at Sea in a New American Print (James Heffernan) 3–7
  • ‘Britons never will be Slaves’: The Prince of Orange (RA 1832) and James Thomson’s Liberty (Jan Piggott) 8–13
  • Turner’s Prints: Reassessment using Digital Tools, leading to an Online Catalogue Raisonné (C. Velson Horie) 14–19
  • On the Banks of Virginia Water again: A Note on Symbolism (Jan Piggott) 20–1
  • Reviews: The Great Spectacle: 250 Years of the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in London (Nicholas Alfrey) 21–3; Turner and the Poetics of Landscape in Japan (David Chandler) 23; The British Museum: Storehouse of Civilizations by James Hamilton (Cecilia Powell) 23–4

129 (Spring 2018)

  • 2018 and All That (Editorial and Welcome) 1–2
  • A Bird in the Hand: Boccaccio relating the Tale of the Bird-Cage and the Lure of the Erotic (Sam Smiles) 3–7
  • Turner Framed 8
  • Turner in Ljubljana in 1840 (Jakob Klemenčič) 9–13
  • Turner’s Mercury and Argus and his Debt to the Dulwich Picture Gallery (Jan Piggott) 14–16
  • Turner and ‘The Author of Frankenstein’ (Cecilia Powell) 17–20
  • Reviews: Turner and Surrey in Woking (Nicola Moorby) 21; Gainsborough: A Portrait by James Hamilton (Susan Sloman) 22; Francis Towne’s Lake District Sketchbook. A Facsimile Reconstruction by Timothy Wilcox (Cecilia Powell) 22–3
  • Salerooms Report for July 2017–January 2018 (Jan Piggott) 23–4

128 (Autumn 2017)

  • From Rural Retreat to Urban Chic (Editorial) 1
  • ‘Margate in the Time of Turner’ (Pieter van der Merwe) 3–4
  •  Shipwreck and Scandal: Turner and the Amphitrite (Cecilia Powell) 5–8
  • Sandycombe Lodge, Twickenham. Part 3: Turner’s Developing Architectural Vision (Gary Butler) 9–16
  • A Guest in Turner’s House (Katie Sollohub) 17–18
  • Turner, Ruskin, Eagles and Blackwood’s (Cecilia Powell) 19–21
  • Class of ’75 (Cecilia Powell) 21–2
  • Reviews: Turner’s Modern and Ancient Ports in New York (Robert K. Wallace); Mr Turner comes to Lichfield in Lichfield (Andrew Wilton); Turner and the Sun in Winchester (Cecilia Powell) 23–5
  • Turner’s Ears: in Life and Death 26

127 (Spring 2017)

  • A New Era (Editorial) 1
  • Eric Shanes (1944–2017) (Andrew Wilton, Nick Reese, Edward Yardley, Cecilia Powell) 3–4
  • Turner, Thomson’s Æolian Harp and the Identity of a ‘Gentleman at Putney’ (Eric Shanes) 5–9
  • Petworth: New Light on the Old Library (Andrew Wilton) 9–10
  • Sandycombe Lodge, Twickenham. Part 1: Turner’s House Trust’s Conservation Project (Catherine Parry-Wingfield) 11–13
  • Sandycombe Lodge, Twickenham. Part 2: The Architect’s View (Gary Butler) 14–20
  • Review article: ‘J.M.W. Turner: Adventures in Colour’ with some thoughts on colour symbolism (J.R. Piggott) 21-4
  • Review: J.M.W. Turner: The ‘Skies’ Sketchbook with an introduction by David Blayney Brown (Alan Davis) 25–7
  • Salerooms Report (J.R. Piggott) 28–inside back cover

126 (Autumn 2016)

  • Light and Colour, Shade and Darkness (Editorial) 1–2
  • Luke Herrmann (1932–2016) (Martin Butlin) 2–3
  • The Turner Gallery behind 64 Harley Street (Eric Shanes) 4–8
  • Artists and the Royal Chain Pier, Brighton: Turner’s Different Approach (Paul Tuckwell) 9–13
  • Another Bicentenary: Turner in North Yorkshire, 1816 (Cecilia Powell) 13–14
  • Reviews: Young Mr Turner by Eric Shanes (Kathleen Nicholson) 15–16; The Extraordinary Life and Momentous Times of J.M.W. Turner by Franny Moyle (Nicola Moorby) 17–18; Turner’s Whaling Pictures in New York (Robert K. Wallace) 18–20; New Displays in the Clore, 2016 (Cecilia Powell) 20–1
  • Turner’s Power as Architectural Draughtsman (J.R. Piggott) 22

125 (Spring 2016)

  • More at Home with Turner (Editorial) 1–2
  • Turner and The Lake of Zug: Two Colour Sketches Rediscovered (Cecilia Powell) 3–7
  • Admiral Booth’s Neighbours (Pieter van der Merwe) 8–11
  • Edinburgh and Dublin: Turner in January (Margaret O’Neill) 11
  • The Symbolism of Turner’s Rockets in The Field of Waterloo (J.R. Piggott) 12–13
  • Sealed with a Mallard? (Cecilia Powell) 14–15
  • Salerooms Report for July 2015–January 2016 (J.R. Piggott) 16
  • Why 64 Harley Street? (Eric Shanes) 17–22
  • Turner and ‘The Immortal Shakespeare’ (Nicola Moorby) 22
  • The New Turner Society Website (Konstantin Yelin) 23–4

124 (Autumn 2015)

  • A Turner Triumph for Oxford (Editorial) 1–2
  • The Iron Duke declines (Cecilia Powell) 3
  • ‘Lord Nelson, may I introduce Mr Turner the Academician?’ (Eric Shanes) 4–9
  • Turner’s Ship Models: An Unrecognised Napoleonic Incursion (Pieter van der Merwe) 10–14
  • Letter to the Editor (James S. Dearden) 14
  • Turner and the Torso (Cecilia Powell) 15–16
  • Reviews: Turner’s Wessex at The Salisbury Museum (Andrew Wilton) 17–18; Will & Tom by Matthew Plampin (Nick Powell) 18–19; Turner and Music by Ivan Moseley (David Chandler) 19–20; Carrying off the Palaces: John Ruskin’s Lost Daguerreotypes by Ken Jacobson and Jenny Jacobson (Bernard Richards) 20–1; Cotton to Gold at Two Temple Place (Andrew Wilton) 21–2; J.M.W. Turner and the Art of Watercolour at The Higgins Bedford (Cecilia Powell) 22–3
  • Admiral Booth’s Last Home 24

123 (Spring 2015)

  • Public Access to Turner’s Works on Paper: Room for Improvement (Editorial) 1-2
  • Turner in Regensburg, 1840: Conflagration and Catholicism (Ian Warrell) 3-8
  • Music in Mr. Turner (Ivan Moseley) 9-10
  • Cynwyd Mill: A Monro School Case Study (Cecilia Powell) 11-13
  • Bacharach and Burg Stahleck, 1817 (Peter Black and Elizabeth Jacklin) 14-15
  • The Field of Waterloo: Turner’s Guernica (Cecilia Powell) 16-18
  • Thomas Griffith: Commerce, Charity and the Camberwell Connection (Nick Powell) 19-25
  • A Disappointing Visit (to the Whitworth Art Gallery) 25
  • Solway Moss (J.R. Piggott) 26-7
  • Reviews: ‘Richard Wilson and the Transformation of European Landscape Painting’ at New Haven and Cardiff (Andrew Wilton) 28-9; ‘Late Turner: Painting Set Free’ at Tate Britain and elsewhere (Barry Venning) 29-30; A Strange Business by James Hamilton (Luke Herrmann) 31; Turner’s Sketchbooks by Ian Warrell (Colin Harrison) 31-2
  • Salerooms Report for November 2013 to December 2014 (J.R. Piggott) 32-5
  • A Visit to the Sage of Brantwood (Cecilia Powell) 35-6
  • Tracking Your Turners: A Guide to Using the Tate Website (Cecilia Powell) inside back cover

122 (Autumn 2014)

  • ‘He is uncouth but has a wonderful range of mind’ (Editorial) 1-2
  • Mr Leigh and Mr. Turner: An Interview with Mike Leigh 3-4
  • Mr. Turner: A Film by Mike Leigh (reviewed by James Hamilton with additional contributions from Andrew Loukes and Amy Concannon) 4-7
  • The Turner Treasury 18 (J.M. Barrie, Mary Rose) 7
  • The 1841 Tower of London Fire and Other New Turner Bequest Subjects (Matthew Imms) 8-9
  • Towing the Temeraire: Edward Duncan’s Version (Pieter van der Merwe) 10-11
  • A Receipt from J.M.W. Turner (Cecilia Powell) 11-12
  • Which came First: Peace or War? (Eric Shanes) 13-16
  • Turner among the Landscape Engravers II: Colour and Aquatinta (J.R. Piggott) 17-25
  • Dr Syntax discovers Turner – and Richmond Hill (Cecilia Powell) 26-7
  • Letters to the Editor (James S. Dearden, Eric Shanes) 28
  • A Turnerian First Day Cover, 1975 28
  • TSN 2005-14 29-32

121 (Spring 2014)

  • Now for the Painter! (Editorial) 1-2
  • The Dover Mail – by Turner or by ‘Girtoin’? (Eric Shanes) 4-9
  • Turner among the Landscape Engravers I: Chiaroscuro, Copper, Stone and Wood (J.R. Piggott) 10-17
  • A Note on Turner’s Visual Intuition: A Landscape Illustration of the Bible (Howard J.M. Hanley) 18-20
  • A Neglected Turner Patron: Thomas Wright of Upton (1773-1845) (Cecilia Powell) 21-4
  • Letter to the Editor (Eric Shanes) 24
  • Reviews: ‘Turner & the Sea’ at the National Maritime Museum (David Cordingly) 25-6; (Maurice Davies) 26-7; ‘Turner in Brighton’ at the Royal Pavilion (Cecilia Powell) 27-8

120 (Autumn 2013)

  • Flying the Turner Flag (Editorial) 1-2
  • Sara Coleridge admires Turner’s ‘Whalers’ 2
  • Turner and Ossian’s ‘The Traveller’ (Murdo Macdonald and Eric Shanes) 4-7
  • Take with a Pinch of Snuff? (Pieter van der Merwe) 7
  • ‘I saw Louis Philippe land at Portsmouth’: Fixing Turner’s Presence at the Arrival of the King of the French, 8 October 1844 (Ian Warrell) 8-15
  • Red Skies (Ralph Brocklebank) 15
  • The Ageing and Ills of Turner: A Physician’s View (Brian Livesley) 16-20
  • Reviews: The Works of J.M.W. Turner at the National Gallery of Ireland by Anne Hodge and Niamh MacNally (Nicola Moorby) 21-2; J.M.W. Turner and the Subject of History by Leo Costello (Nick Powell) 22-4; ‘Turner’s Sussex’ at Petworth House (Andrew Wilton) 24; ‘The Genius of Turner: Painting the Industrial Revolution’ on BBC 2 (Bernard Richards) 24-6; ‘Constable, Gainsborough, Turner and the Making of Landscape’ at the RA (Amy Concannon) 26-7; ‘Rokeby: Poetry and Landscape. Walter Scott and Turner in Teesdale’ at the Bowes Museum (Andrew Wilton) 27; ‘The Discovery of Paris: Watercolours by Early Nineteenth-century British Artists’ at the Wallace Collection (Bernard Richards) 27-9; ‘Turner and Constable: Sketching from Nature’ at Compton Verney (Cecilia Powell) 30-1
  • Salerooms Report for January-July 2013 (J.R. Piggott) 31-2

119 (Spring 2013)

  • Looking at Turner and Tate Britain, 2013 (Editorial) 1-2
  • The ‘Big Draw’: At Home with Mr Turner (and Old Dad) (Jenny Pearce) 3
  • The ‘pecular charms’ of Tivoli: A Turner Painting reidentified (Nicola Moorby) 4-6
  • Turner revisited on Malta (Pieter van der Merwe) 6
  • Turner in Error? A Closer Look at a Petworth Lake Scene (Eric Shanes) 7-9
  • Shedding Light on the ‘dark clue’: Ruskin, Turner, Sex and Death (Alan Davis) 10-14
  • More News of Turner’s Seringapatam Cycle (Andrew Wilton) 15-16
  • Bonington and Turner off Boulogne (Pieter van der Merwe) 16-17
  • From Ehrenbreitstein returns from Obscurity (Cecilia Powell) 18-19
  • Reviews: ‘Turner Monet Twombly: Later Paintings’ in Stockholm, Stuttgart and Liverpool (Nicholas Alfrey) 20-3; ‘Cotman in Normandy’ in Dulwich (David Hill) 24-5; ‘Fake or Fortune? Turner: A Miscarriage of Justice?’ on BBC 1 (Nick Powell) 25-6; ‘Looking at the View’ at Tate Britain (Cecilia Powell) 26
  • Stanley Warburton (1919-2012) (Luke Herrmann; Bob Yardley) 28

118 (Autumn 2012)

  • Tate Britain still on Trial (Editorial) 1-2
  • An Early Study for an Allegory: Neptune and Britannia (Andrew Wilton) 3
  • John Gage (1938-2012) (Eric Shanes) 4-6; (Andrew Wilton) 6-7
  • Letter to the Editor (Penelope Curtis) 7
  • ‘The time must come’: Turner and Royalty (The 2012 Kurt Pantzer Memorial Lecture) (James Hamilton) 8-17
  • Matthew Cotes Wyatt’s ‘Colossal Statue’ of Wellington (1846) and Turner’s The Hero of a Hundred Fights (1847): part II (Jan Piggott) 18-26
  • Reviews: ‘Turner’s Malmesbury Sketches’ in Malmesbury (Andrew Wilton) 27; ‘Turner and his Contemporaries: The Hickman Bacon Watercolour Collection’ in Kendal (Charles Nugent) 27-8; ‘Reisen mit William Turner’ in Apolda, Germany (Ursula Seibold-Bultmann) 28-9; ‘J.M.W. Turner: Watercolours to Books’ in Cincinnati, Ohio (Robert K. Wallace) 29-30; ‘Claude Lorrain. The Enchanted Landscape’ in Oxford and ‘Turner Inspired: In the Light of Claude’ in London (Cecilia Powell) 30-3; ‘The Robinson Institute’ at Tate Britain (Nicholas Alfrey) 33-4
  • Salerooms Report for December 2010-July 2012 (J.R. Piggott) 34-5
  • Turner’s Spectacles and Other Relics inside back cover

117 (Spring 2012)

  • ‘A Graveyard for Historical British Art?’ (Editorial) 1-2
  • Eve King (1916-2011) (Cecilia Powell) 3
  • Brighthelmston, Sussex (Eric Shanes) 4
  • Royal Visit to Turner Contemporary (Andrew Wilton) 5
  • Letter to the Editor (Eric Shanes) 5
  • Turner in Scotland in 1834 (Thomas Ardill) 6-9
  • Nautical Junk at Chelsea (Pieter van der Merwe) 9
  • A Tribute to Turner in the Strang Print Room, University College, London (Andrew Wilton) 9
  • Sandycombe Lodge – after Turner (Catherine Parry-Wingfield) 10-11
  • Matthew Cotes Wyatt’s ‘Colossal Statue’ of Wellington (1846) and Turner’s The Hero of a Hundred Fights (1847): part I (Jan Piggott) 12-19
  • The Sun is God – or is it? J.M.W. Turner and Christianity (The 2011 Kurt Pantzer Memorial Lecture) (Cecilia Powell) 20-6
  • Lord Harewood (1923-2011) (David Hill) 27
  • Andrew Wyld (1949-2011) (Andrew Wilton) 28
  • Reviews: ‘Art for the Nation: Sir Charles Eastlake at the National Gallery’ and associated book by Susanna Avery-Quash and Julie Sheldon (J.R. Piggott) 29-30; ‘The Prince of the Rocks: The World of J.M.W. Turner’ at Pushkin House (Ivan Moseley) 31-2

116 (Autumn 2011)

  • Keeping abreast of Turner (Editorial) 1
  • The Turner Bequest at Millbank (Penelope Curtis) 2
  • Not ‘quite out of his province’? Some New Identifications of Turner’s Working Notes (Matthew Imms) 3-6
  • Turner’s Chelsea Cottage: The Controversy of 1895 (J.R. Piggott) 7-12
  • Thackeray on Turner 13
  • And so to Margate (Pieter van der Merwe) 13
  • Turner and Aerostation (Brian Riddle) 14-18
  • The Wemyss Room at Sotheby’s 19
  • Reviews: ‘William Turner: Maler der Elemente’ / ‘Turner and the Elements’ in Hamburg, Krakow and Margate (Ursula Seibold-Bultmann) 20-2; Art Theft and the Case of the Stolen Turners by Sandy Nairne (Nick Powell) 22-4

115 (Spring 2011)

  • Turner at Home (Editorial) 1-2
  • Turner’s Sketches for Rome, from the Vatican: Some Recent Discoveries (Nicola Moorby) 4-10
  • The Painter at the Arcola Theatre: 1 (James Hamilton) 11; 2 (Andrew Wilton) 12
  • Turner and Music: New Symphonic Songs [by Natalia Kouznetsova] inspired by Turner’s Paintings and Classical Poetry 13
  • Sandycombe Lodge, Turner’s House in Twickenham (Catherine Parry-Wingfield) 14
  • Nicholas Horton-Fawkes (1925-2011) (David Hill) 15
  • Reviews: ‘Romantics’ at Tate Britain (Nicholas Alfrey) 16-17; How to Paint like Turner ed. Nicola Moorby and Ian Warrell (Ronald Maddox) 17-18; Turner by Noel Gregory (Cecilia Powell) 18; The Fighting Temeraire by Sam Willis (Pieter van der Merwe) 18-20; British Watercolours and Drawings. Lord Leverhulme’s Collection in the Lady Lever Art Gallery by Jessica Feather et al. (Cecilia Powell) 20

114 (Summer 2010)

  • New Beginnings (Editorial) 1
  • Commemorating Turner in Margate (Bob Barrass) 3
  • Turner in the Twenty-first Century (The 2009 Kurt Pantzer Memorial Lecture) (Kathleen Nicholson) 4-10
  • The Mysterious Mary Constance Clarke (Martin Krause) 10-11
  • The Dalesman (a review article of Turner and Leeds by David Hill) (Stephen Daniels) 12-14
  • Reviews: ‘Paul Sandby RA (1731-1809)’ in Nottingham, Edinburgh and London (Nicola Moorby) 15-16; Discovering Turner’s Lakeland by Stanley Warburton (Andrew Wilton) 16; Turner in the Tamar Valley by Diana Cook and Dorothy Kirk (Cecilia Powell) 16
  • Professor A.G.H. Bachrach (1914-2009) (Pieter van der Merwe) 17-18
  • Professor Harold Livermore (1914-2010) (Nick Powell) 18
  • Professor John McCoubrey (1924-2010) Kathleen Nicholson 18
  • Salerooms Report for March 2009-July 2010 (J.R. Piggott) 19-24

113 (December 2009)

  • Welcome (Cecilia Powell) 1-2
  • Northern Branch News (Pat Ellis) 2
  • Letter to the Editor (Eric Shanes) 2
  • Thirty Years On: The Life and Work of J.M.W. Turner (Andrew Wilton) 3-4
  • Turner, Fairfax, Hawksworth and Fawkes (Layinka Swinburne and James Hamilton) 4-7
  • A Source Drawing for the ‘Egremont Sea-piece’: Record versus ‘Character’ (Pieter van der Merwe) 8-10
  • Tate’s On-Line Turner Catalogue: An Introduction (David Blayney Brown) 10-11
  • Reviews: ‘Turner and the Masters’ in London, Paris and Madrid (William Vaughan) 12-13; ‘Coasting. Turner and Bonington on the Shores of the Channel’ in Nottingham, Hull and Hastings (Nick Powell) 13-14
  • Salerooms Report for July 2008-March 2009 (J.R. Piggott) 14-16

112 (August 2009)

  • Welcome (Cecilia Powell) 1
  • The Northern Branch Revived (Pat Ellis) 2
  • Rediscovered: An Early Marine Gem (Andrew Wilton) 3
  • Ruskin on Turner: A Letter of 1843 (Luke Herrmann) 4-5
  • Sunrise or Sunset? New Light on the Moon in Dawn after the Wreck (Alan Davis) 6-11
  • Turner Admirers 5: David Cox (Andrew Wilton) 11-12
  • Turner in Liverpool, 1831 (Thomas Ardill) 12-14
  • Reviews: ‘Turner / Rothko’ at Tate Britain (Nicholas Alfrey) 14-16; ‘Constable Portraits’ at the National Portrait Gallery (Luke Herrmann) 16
  • The Fortress of Ehrenbreitstein from across the Rhine (W 1340) (Cecilia Powell) inside back cover

111 (March 2009)

  • Turner Bucks the Trend (Editorial) 1
  • The Turner Prize Misunderstood (Luke Herrmann) 2
  • Homage to W.G. Rawlinson, Part II: His Writings on the Liber Studiorum and the Engraved Work of Turner (J.R. Piggott) 3-7
  • Review of John Ruskin, Henry James and the Shropshire Lads by Cynthia Gamble (Cecilia Powell) 7
  • Turner Right, Ruskin Wrong (Eric Shanes) 8-10
  • Knight for a Day. Extracts from a Lecture on ‘Turner and the Law’ (Nick Powell) 10-14
  • A Newly Identified Watercolour (Andrew Wilton) 14-15
  • Review: ‘Turner e l’Italia’ / ‘Turner in Italy’ in Ferrara and Edinburgh (Cecilia Powell) 15-16

110 (December 2008)

  • ‘Turner e l’Italia’ (Editorial) 1
  • Trawling (Adam O’Riordan) 3
  • A Word from the New Chairman (Andrew Wilton) 3
  • Mortified but not Insignificant (Cecilia Powell) 4-6
  • The Inmost Spirit of Light: Shelley and Turner (The 2008 Kurt Pantzer Memorial Lecture, Part II) (Michael O’Neill) 6-8
  • A Letter to the Editor (Alan Davis) 8
  • Homage to W.G. Rawlinson, Part I: His Life, Publications and Turners (J.R. Piggott) 9-14
  • Review: J.M.W. Turner. The Making of a Master by Sam Smiles (Barry Venning) 15-16
  • Salerooms Report for September 2007-June 2008 (J.R. Piggott) 17-19
  • Unexpected Encounters at Dover (Pieter van der Merwe) 18
  • An Exciting New French River Scene: Givet on the Meuse, South of Dinant (Cecilia Powell) 19-inside back cover

109 (August 2008)

  • Pope’s Villa, 1808-2008 1
  • Turneresque (Michael O’Neill) 2
  • Review of London Lights by James Hamilton (Cecilia Powell) 3
  • Turner’s North Revisited (Kathleen Gilbert) 3
  • Beyond the Bastille: Turner in Grenoble (Roland Courtot) 4-6
  • The Inmost Spirit of Light: Shelley and Turner (The 2008 Kurt Pantzer Memorial Lecture, Part I) (Michael O’Neill) 7-12
  • Reviews: ‘Paths to Fame: Turner Watercolours from the Courtauld’ in Grasmere and London (Andrew Loukes) 13-14; British Vision. Observation and Imagination in British Art 1750-1950 ed. Robert Hoozee (J.R. Piggott) 14-15
  • A Fresh Start [The Turner Watercolour Medal at the RI and the RWS] 16

108 (March 2008)

  • Sharing Turner’s Sublime (Editorial) 1
  • Reviews: ‘J.W.W. Turner’ in Washington, Dallas and New York (Andrew Wilton) 3-4; The Turner Book by Sam Smiles (Cecilia Powell) 4; ‘Paul Mellon’s Legacy’ in New Haven and London (Andrew Wilton) 5-6
  • Bowes Tower (Emma House) 6-8
  • Van de Velde, Abraham Storck and Turner’s Admiral Van Tromp’s Barge at the Entrance of the Texel, 1645 (Roger Quarm) 9-11
  • An Early Turner Rediscovered [Hatfield Castle] (Sarah Flynn) 11
  • Turner and the Manchester Art-Treasures Exhibition of 1857 (J.R. Piggott) 12-18
  • Turner’s ‘Third Drawing-Master’: A False Connection (Eric Shanes) 19
  • Turners in Private Collections: Your Right to View (Nick Powell) 20

107 (December 2007)

  • Bamborough Revisited (Editorial) 1
  • On the Waterfront: The Darker Side of The Ship and Bladebone (Sam Smiles) 3-5
  • Another Important Tate Acquisition [Northampton, Northamptonshire] (Eric Shanes) 6-7
  • ‘A Man of Marvellous Genius’: Dr Gustav Waagen on Turner in 1854 (Luke Herrmann) 8-9
  • Do Oil Paintings Darken when they are Protected from Light? (Joyce H. Townsend) 9-10
  • Ann Forsdyke (1913-2007) (Andrew Wilton) 11
  • Review: J.M.W. Turner. The Vaughan Bequest by Christopher Baker (Luke Herrmann) 11-12
  • Salerooms Report for April-July 2007 (J.R. Piggott) 13-15

106 (August 2007)

  • Saving The Blue Rigi (Editorial) 1
  • Twenty Years On (Cecilia Powell) 3-5
  • Twenty Years of the Tate’s ‘Turner Gallery’: Where Next? (Eric Shanes) 5-7
  • A Generous British Donation to an American Museum [The Manton Gift to Williamstown, Mass.] 8
  • The Kurt Pantzer Memorial Lectures [listing the lectures from 1980 onwards with their publication details] (Cecilia Powell) 9-10
  • Thomas Hearne on Turner (Luke Herrmann) 10
  • A Major Bequest of Watercolours for the Courtauld Institute [The Scharf Bequest] 11
  • Reviews: ‘Soane and Turner: Illuminating a Friendship’ at the Soane Museum (James Hamilton) 12-13; Turner in his Time (revised edition) by Andrew Wilton (Cecilia Powell) 14; ‘Colour and Line: Turner’s Experiments’ at the Clore Gallery (Cecilia Powell and Friends) 14-15
  • Salerooms Report for April-November 2006 (J.R. Piggott) 16-19
  • Glittering Prizes: The Turner Medal of the Colour Group (Roy Osborne) and The 2007 Royal Academy Turner Watercolour Award 19

105 (March 2007)

  • Why does The Blue Rigi matter? (Editorial) 1 and 12
  • John Eagles Remembered (Luke Herrmann) 2
  • Turner’s Palette(s) (James S. Dearden) 2
  • Enjoying Tate Britain’s Print Rooms (Julia Beaumont-Jones) 3
  • Reviews: ‘Turner’s Norham Castle, Sunrise’ at Tate Britain (James Hamilton) 4-5; ‘Drawing from Turner’ in the Clore Gallery (Andrew Wilton) 6-7; ‘Margaret Harrison: Earth, Air, Sky & Water’ in Grasmere (Cecilia Powell) 8; The Power of Art by Simon Schama (Andrew Wilton) 8-9; The Sun Stalker: A Novel based on the Life of Joseph Mallord William Turner by Gordon Parks (Sam Smiles) 9-10; Joseph Turner and Me by Maria Gertrudes Coelho (Harold Livermore) 10

104 (December 2006)

  • A New Look: Colour comes to TSN (Editorial) 1
  • Drawing from Turner (Stephen Farthing) 3-5
  • Glimpses of a Lost Turner [Mercury and Herse] (Lara Wilson) 6-7
  • Review: Turner as Draughtsman by Andrew Wilton (Lindsay Stainton) 7-8
  • Turner and Soane: Illuminating a Friendship (Helen Dorey) 9-1

103 (August 2006)

  • Rigis may change Art Export Rules (Editorial) 1-2
  • ‘Constructive, Investigative and Truthful’: Christopher Le Brun on Turner and Watercolour (an interview with the Editor) 3-6
  • Reviews: ‘Light into Colour. Turner in the South West’ at Tate St Ives (J.R. Piggott) 6-7; ‘Constable. The Great Landscapes’ at Tate Britain and in the USA (Luke Herrmann) 7-8; Um ewig einst zu leben by Christoph Werner (Ursula Seibold-Bultmann) 8-9; Turner, Whistler, Monet by Tamsin Pickeral (Cecilia Powell) 9
  • Turner Admirers 4: Samuel Palmer (J.R. Piggott) 10-15
  • A.H. Palmer on Frank Short and Turner (Luke Herrmann) 15-16
  • The Turner Millions (Editorial and correspondence with the Tate) 17-18
  • Helping the Turner Society through Gift Aid (Nick Powell) 20

102 (March 2006)

  • Turner’s England, 2006 (Editorial) 1
  • Reviews: ‘Gainsborough to Turner: British Watercolours from the Spooner Collection’ at Somerset House (Nicola Moorby) 2-3; ‘Turner: Tours of Durham and Richmondshire’ at the Bowes Museum (Cecilia Powell) 3
  • André Derain on Turner (Luke Herrmann) 4
  • The Living Paintings Trust: Turner in 3D (Jean Golt) 5
  • Gibside – from Sketch to Engraving (Michael Rudd) 6-8
  • Salerooms Report for November 2004-December 2005 (J.R. Piggott) 9-10
  • The Turner Treasury 17 (Siegfried Sassoon, ‘In the Turner Rooms (at the Tate Gallery)’; Elizabeth Jennings, ‘Tribute to Turner – a sonnet’; Diana Holman-Hunt, My Grandmothers and I; Margaret Drabble, The Witch of Exmoor; Alec Guinness, My Name Escapes Me) 11-12

101 (December 2005)

  • Betty Mitchelson (1919-2005) 3
  • Recently Published: J.M.W Turner by Olivier Meslay; The Romantic Poets and Their Circle by Richard Holmes (Cecilia Powell) 3
  • Review: ‘A Picture of Britain’ at Tate Britain (Nick Powell) 4-5
  • ‘A Sea of Blood’: Turner and Napoleon (The 2005 Kurt Pantzer Memorial Lecture, Part II) (Jan Piggott) 6-16
  • Turner Admirers 3: Walter Sickert (Nicola Moorby) 17-19
  • Great Contemporaries [an anonymous composite portrait-engraving of Turner and four others] 20

100 (August 2005)

  • TSN reaches 100 (Editorial) 1
  • Wood really did meet Ruskin (James S. Dearden) 2
  • Holyland’s (Cecilia Powell) 2
  • Letter to the Editor (Eric Shanes) 2
  • Turner Admirers 2: Leonard Rosoman (Andrew Wilton) 4-5
  • Turner’s The Rivers of England – A Case Study (Luke Herrmann) 6-7
  • ‘A Sea of Blood’: Turner and Napoleon (The 2005 Kurt Pantzer Memorial Lecture, Part I) (Jan Piggott) 8-15
  • A Turner Letter for Grasmere: A Clash between Love and Duty (Cecilia Powell) 16
  • Review: ‘Turner Whistler Monet’ (Nicholas Alfrey) 17-18
  • TSN 2000-5 (Contents list) 18-20

99 (May 2005)

  • Just One Million for Turner? (Editorial) 1-2
  • The Wreck of the Abergavenny, 1805-2005 2
  • Turner at Greenwich, 2005 (Pieter van der Merwe) 3
  • Reviews: Turner by Peter Ackroyd (Cecilia Powell) 4; ‘The Triumph of Watercolour’ at Dulwich Picture Gallery (Andrew Wilton) 5-6; ‘Turner: The Sea’ at the Clore Gallery (Cecilia Powell) 7
  • When Hazlitt met Turner (Duncan Wu) 8-10
  • The Friends of Turner’s House (Catherine Parry-Wingfield) 10
  • Picture Notes: A Postscript on Turnerian Paddle Steamers (Pieter van der Merwe) and A Postscript on Turner’s ‘Valley of the Nar’ (Cecilia Powell) 11
  • Did Wood really meet Ruskin? 12